Deb Wilks – Director/Producer

Deb’s dedication to Performing Arts has seen her working for over 20 years in the Arts Sector, and she is know as a driving force in Australian Circus. She has worked with many emerging and established artists and has a passion for improving the business skills of Artists and building the value of the arts to non-artists.

This passion is the impetus behind Cluster Arts.

“I am a quick thinking arts professional who enjoys thinking outside the box. I understand the importance of strong governance. I have enjoyed a solid career in business, and in the arts and believe you cannot have one without the other.”

Deb has a strong track record in working with community organisations and working collaboratively with a diverse range of people. Her career has included CEO of Flipside Circus (2009-2015) and CEO of Aboriginal Centre for Performance Arts (ACPA) (2015). She has worked as a creative writer on her own range of cookbooks, and starred in a series exercise videos. Deb holds a Graduate Diploma in Management (Arts & Culture) and is currently completing her Masters In Management (Arts & Culture).

“The circus and performing arts community is one big global family and I love travelling and finding the Artists wherever I go. From ‘winning’ a lap dance from Briefs Artist Davy Sampford in Brisbane, to watching Company 2’s Scotch and Soda in London, to seeing my son Tim performing Flying Trapeze in Japan, and more. I am looking forward to seeing what the next generation of emerging Artists has to show the world!”

Kate Malone – Producer

Practical, pragmatic and efficient, Kate is the hands-on muscle and voice you want backstage on show night, or pulling the ropes during production and touring.

“I love production management, preparing touring schedules, working with lighting designers, liaising with performers and being in the thick of things as a tour approaches.”

Since her first job with Flipside Circus as a teenager, Kate has racked up over 10 years of industry experience. She has done it all– from loading trucks and answering phones to Marketing Coordination, Special Event Management, and Production.

In her role as Producer she has worked around Australia and internationally with Casus Circus, Company 2, Briefs Factory and Woodford Folk Festival.

“I am passionate about working with artists to provide the management and structure so they can focus on their show and performance– I get a kick out of watching the audience enjoy the end product!”

Kate loves travel and physical challenges. She is currently working hard towards her first ‘physique’ body building competition.


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