Production & Touring

  • Assist in setting up touring opportunities
  • Plan and manage the tour from the start to  the very last bow!
  • Assist in producing only parts of your tour
  • Represent you/your company at arts markets, festivals, national and international conferences
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Auspicing & Funding

  • Assist in developing an annual income raising strategy
  • Identify and plan your individual strategy for attending arts markets, national and international conferences
  • Plan, write, acquit  funding applications
  • Auspice your grants through our business
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backstage; taking care of business


  • Payroll, BAS and superannuation
  • General Management responsibilities – newsletters, set up and manage data bases, budgets
  • Graphic Design for flyers and posters
  • Marketing and PR
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Business Development

  •  Strategic plan writing for your company that would allow for high level funding or sponsorship opportunities
  • Plan where you want your business to be in five years and steps to make that a reality
  • Assist in putting in place key business protocols such as contracts, budgets, HR policy, touring policy, intellectual Property policy, company structures
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas
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