Tumbling through life while juggling an existence where Australia’s First Nations culture, tradition, and lands are under threat. Chasing Smoke stomp, dance, flip and weave their message showcasing a people not defeated by adversity, but instead, celebrate survival, modern-day Aboriginality and pride.

The world’s oldest living civilisation is the life force that empowers the stories within Chasing Smoke told through the lens of Australia’s only all First Nations circus ensemble.

65 000 years of old-time ways told through now-time circus.

WINNER of the 2017 Green Room Awards for Best Contemporary Circus

Chasing Smoke was made possible and created through the Circus Oz BLAKflip Program.


★★★★★  Arts Hub  “I not only liked this work, I loved it. So poignant for the now. Pure entertainment with depth… Creative nutrition for the soul.. A definite must see.”

★★★★ ½  Weekend Notes “their showmanship is dazzling and their wicked smiles engage the crowd”

Stage WhispersChasing Smoke is didactic, moving and most importantly, entertaining. It’s 40,000 years of history distilled through the lives, experiences and eyes of the talented young cast.”

Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane  “a powerful new work… It is one of the must-see Australian shows of the moment.”